“Shake It Off” Outtakes Video #2 ― The Ballerinas (x)

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Snow White has a kid?

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"What’s the big deal about these things?"

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            ∟ "you want people to look at you differently? make them.

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emma swan in every episode • 112 • skin deep

that reaction was about more than taking a few trinkets. you said something about how he hurt “her”, what happened to “her”? who was that? what did he do?
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"That look in his eyes, the despair ..I had it back when I was in the foster system. Just a lost little girl, who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would. A little girl who cried herself to sleep at night because she wanted her parents so bad and could never understand why they gave her up.”

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Disney Villains at the Villains Unleashed event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (photos by Inside the Magic)

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O U A T  M E M E
[2/6] non romantic relationships - prince charming and emma swan

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when you’ve been fighting for it all your life
you’ve been struggling to make things right
that’s how a superhero learns to fly;

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